Monday, July 20, 2020

Do Dump or Mary: Little Men

The actor James Norton celebrated his 35th birthday this past Saturday and as he did I in turn stumbled upon the above image (via) of him alongside his Little Women co-stars (male edition) which had somehow escaped my eyeballs last fall when it was that movie that was ravaging us instead of a plague. Oh to be ravaged by a quaint Louisa May Alcott adaptation once more! Them were the days. Anyway I did a search through MNPP's archives, fully expecting I did one of these at the time, but I didn't? I did not? Which is insane. And so today in Norton's honor I will right that wrong -- I ask you to in the comments "Do, Dump or Marry" your picks between Mr. Norton (see more of him here), Monsieur Louis Garrel (see more of him here) and Sir Timothée Chalamet (see more of him here). Now make like a March Sister and have at it...


Anonymous said...

Dump Chalamet (it hurts but I got to)
Do Norton
Marry Garell

Unknown said...

Do Chalamet
Dump Garell
Marry Norton

joel65913 said...

Do Garell
Dump Chalamet (I just don't get the appeal at all)
Marry Norton

Dame James said...

This is the easiest DDM ever:

DO Louis (sexhair king)
DUMP James (bland, sorry)
MARRY Timothée (*heart eyes*)

MovieNut14 said...

Do Garrell (too easy a pick)
Dump Chalamet (same)
Marry Norton

Owen said...

Do Norton
Dump Chalamet (he’s too skinny, it scares me)
Mary Garrell

James said...

DO Chalamet and DO so slowly, tenderly, and for a weekend
DUMP Garrell
MARRY Norton (with Chalamet as Best Man)

Mike Johnson said...

Move to Oklahoma and do a sister wives (brother husbands??) situation with the three of them. Call me Bill Paxton.

Anonymous said...

Dump Chalamet (or I'll be making love to a bag of bones!)
Do Garrell
Marry Norton

par3182 said...

do norton
dump chalamet
marry garrell

do friedrich
dump john brooke
marry laurie $

Frank said...

Do - Norton
Dump - Garrel
Marry - Chalamet (being married we can “do” it all the time!”

Scot said...

Do James Norton, dump Garrel and the little boy(ICK), marry the Vicar!

DP said...

Do Norton (a lot)
DUMP Chalet (it ended at CMBYN)
Marry Garrel

Anonymous said...

DO - Norton (duh)
DUMP- Chalamet (sorry Timmy)
MARRY- Garrel (if only)

Anonymous said...

I would be riding Norton so long, I'd forget about the other two!

Anonymous said...

But ...
What is Jason's picks?

Jason Adams said...

LOL you're gonna make me play too? Okay okay, fine!
This one is incredibly difficult for me too, dammit, but I'll play.

DO -- James
DUMP -- Timmy
MARRY -- Louis

And hope that Timmy and I could still be friends after I dump him.

Anonymous said...

I'd wrap my legs so tightly around James Norton he'd either have to marry me or die. He'd better decide while I'm doing him. So James Norton for all of em.

Anonymous said...

Do Garrel
Dump Chalamet - go find Waldo!
Marry Norton - he's so raw in Happy Valley

Anonymous said...

This is such a great 'thread'.

I'd use it to weave a big quilt for a 3some for me Timmy and Jimmy.

Marxelo said...

Do Timmy
Marry Louis
Dump Norton