Monday, June 22, 2020

Papa Bear Jude

My first instinct upon seeing these recent photos of Jude Law's current big bushy papa-bear look (via, thx Mac) was to wonder what wonderful lucky movie we might have coming to us that the look's for, but then it struck me maybe this was just his Corona-look. But then! But then I checked IMDb and the beard actually makes sense for his turn in the third Fantastic Beasts film, which is in pre-production at the moment -- that old queen Albus Dumbledore's beard has to start getting serious in the series at some point. 


Chris said...

This man is sex on a stick!

Matty said...

I have no idea why, but the slimier this man looks, the more I want to ride him.

Frank said...

He’s finally old enough to play old Obiwan Kenobi!
(Uh... no, wait... that’s the other guy...)