Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Good Morning, World

I'm always Shocked and Dismayed when I realize I'm not following one of MNPP's many, many big crushes on their Instagrams, but sometimes they slip through the cracks -- so it went yesterday when I felt that unfortunate slack with Michael Angarano, forever our beloved Bertie on The Knick, whose Instagram can be followed right here. He's been on there since the start of 2017, so make sure to scan on through if he makes you feel as warm and fuzzy as he does your MNPP overlord -- I gathered up a few more choice moments after the jump...

Those last two gifs are behind-the-scenes shots from his striptease scene on Dollface last fall -- you can see a whole lot more from that right here at this link.

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Marxelo said...

I love Michael. Also check his brother Andrew... what a family!