Thursday, November 21, 2019

Good Morning, World

Oh, goodness -- anybody watching Kat Dennings' new show Dollface for Hulu? I am not but the second I heard that my beloved Michael Angarano did a striptease in an episode there was one of those cartoon me-shaped holes through every wall between me and seeing it immediately and sure enough, it did not disappoint. (Thx Mac)

For one he spends a good chunk of his time stripping for Goran Višnjić for some reason? Honestly I have no idea what's happening in the scene or why, I watched it with the sound off (whilst giffing it frame by frame by beautiful beautiful frame) but I'm sure the actual context would just ruin it. 

This is almost as good as his towel-dropping scene on The Knick, but there's no top-hat this time, plus I already had a huge crush on his character "Bertie" on that show when that scene happened, so that one remains the gold standard, but really how fortunate and surprising that we've been blessed with so much Michael Angrarano gratuity in these past several years. Hit the jump for another dozen plus gifs since I too just can't help myself...


Peggy Sue said...

I was having a shitty day so THANK U

Ryan T. said...

He JUST came back to THIS IS US too for its fall finale. Glad he's working a lot.

Anonymous said...

Haven't watched it but Dollface has Beth Grant too.

Also, thank you for these. Immaneedaminute.