Friday, May 15, 2020

Good Morning, World

Yesterday I was thinking about watching Untamed, Tyrone Power's 1955 Western with Susan Hayward and a really beautifully bearded Richard Egan (see my previous post about all of the homoerotic photos of the two boys in this movie right here), because its rental on Amazon is on sale right now for just $2.99 -- I was thinking about doing that and it led me to that photo of Mr. Power which is one I have somehow, in all my many researches, never come across before. I think that's a good sign towards watching the movie, right? It seems like the Universe (and Ty's speedo) is steering me in the right direction...


joel65913 said...

Untamed is pretty good plus beside the three stars you mentioned you get Agnes Moorehead AND Rita Moreno!! But Ty and Susan's previous Western together Rawhide is better even though it's not in color. It wonderfully taut and spare.

I'd also recommend The Lusty Men with Susan (any Susan movie is worth the time....except The Conqueror! EGADS!!!), Robert Mitchum and Arthur Kennedy. It's a career best performance by Mitchum and yes I've seen Night of the Hunter.

Paul Brownsey said...

Untamed was set in South Africa.