Thursday, May 14, 2020

Paul Mescal Two Times

Very kind of Wonderland Magazine to continually release more and more photos of Normal People star Paul Mescal over the past couple of weeks -- see the first batch right here -- especially now that I've plowed through the entire run of episodes and cried myself to sleep that night to boot. I know some of y'all had mixed feelings about the show from your comments on that last post but me, me personally? I found it moving and tremendously acted -- some of its strokes were broad as a sledgehammer swipe to the face but I nevertheless got swept up and bludgeoned, in the good way. Loved it.


Anonymous said...

I thought our boy Paul up there was easily best in show.

Anonymous said...

I watched the first five episodes. I guess I'm not the most complicated human out there. Unfortunately his character's reactions gave me hope for I guy I'm trying to get over.
But seeing him, I thought he was in his 30s. What the duck goes on with young people these days? Why do they look so much older?

Gian said...

I was, unexpectedly, totally swept up in this (as was my other half) and thoroughly enjoyed the entire series. Well acted, beautifully nuanced performances by the leads. Look forward to seeing what's next for both of them, especially Mescal.