Tuesday, March 03, 2020

Pantys 19: The Horror Movies

Put on your ball-guards, everybody -- the time has come here in our 2019 Golden Trousers Awards to count down my favorite genre, the genre of scares, and these suckers are all a real kick in the nards. As you maybe noticed we're in a good time for the Horror Genre these days -- this is often the case when the world's an anxious place, but in 2019 it's even more than that.

It's that lots of people who have been anxious all along but haven't previously been given a platform to voice said anxieties have been given, look at that, a little bit of a platform. But even the movies made by straight dudes on here seem to be obsessed with what that means -- there seems to be an inward battle with toxic masculinity happening in this, the spears-tip of the movie genres... Horror always sees where we're going, what the conversations are, before any other. There's a lot of smarts happening amid the stabbings, the goo, the scares; you just gotta face down the barrel of the gun and you'll see. 

Anyway you'll see this list below cruelly cuts itself off at the knees after Number Five -- the remainder of the movies will be showing themselves on my "Top 10 of 2019" list that I'll be posting soon. I just didn't want to spoil the big ones (I mean I'm sure you probably know what they are, if you've spent any time at MNPP, but still.) But for now here are...

My 15 Favorite Horror Movies of 2019

15. Tigers Are Not Afraid
(dir. Issa López)
-- read my review here -- 

14. Little Joe
(dir. Jessica Hausner)

13. Luz
(dir. Tilman Singer)
-- read my review here -- 

12. The Dead Don't Die
(dir. Jim Jarmusch)
-- read my review here -- 

11. Satanic Panic
(dir. Chelsea Stardust)
-- read my review here -- 

10. Climax
(dir. Gaspar Noé)
-- read my review here -- 

9. The Golden Glove
(dir. Fatih Akin)

8. Girl on the Third Floor
(dir. Travis Stevens)
-- read my review here -- 

7. One Cut of the Dead
(dir. Shin'ichirô Ueda)
-- read my review here -- 

6. Koko-di koko-da
(dir. Johannes Nyholm)
-- read my review here -- 

5. Us
(dir. Jordan Peele)
-- read my review here --

4 - 1: TBA!!!

(ETA you can find the movies that
 made my Top 4 right here mixed
in with out Fave Films of 2019)


Anonymous said...

You liked "Girl on the Third Floor?" The bad acting and ridiculous dialogue didn't bother you?

Jason Adams said...

Apparently not, since I put it on my list.