Monday, March 02, 2020

Everything You Ever Need To Know About Life...

... you can learn from:

Layer Cake (2004)

XXXX : Life is so fucking good
I can taste it in my spit.

I don't think I've seen Matthew Vaughn's movie Layer Cake since it came out in 2004 -- I certainly haven't seen it in long enough to recall the fact that Daniel Craig's character's name is four X's in a row. Do they bleeps his name out, or just avoid speaking it, or so they make a "Shhhhhh" sound when they speak to him, or what? I don't remember.
Anyway in a weird coincidence before planning this post today in honor of Daniel Craig's 52nd birthday I'd gotten myself tickets to see this exact movie next week as part of MoMA's great big Daniel Craig retrospective that they're doing the entire month of March. I'm sure you'll hear more from me about it as it progresses -- I'm seeing Casino Royale tomorrow night with the birthday boy himself there for a Q&A, perhaps he'll let me in on one of the spankings.

I mean yes technically I could post a picture of Daniel Craig with his shirt on, but why would I? Funnily enough I've actually seen Daniel Craig in person at MoMA before and in the most random of fashions -- back in June of 2017 I posted about how him and Rachel Weisz were in the audience for a night with the legendary surrealist auteur Alejandro Jodorowsky, who proceeded to drag Craig onto the stage to do a palm reading of 007 himself. You can read the whole thing at that link with several photos  included, but here's the video I took again, just because I still can't believe this happened:

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