Thursday, January 16, 2020

Today's Fanboy Delusion

Today I'd rather be...

... all up in Jesse Williams' ball game.

Richard Greenberg's 2002 play Take Me Out, about a closeted baseball player, has been staged several times over the past two decades even just here in New York, and every time it is all the gays go nuts (heh) because the whole thing's set in a locker-room and just one big jock-fest.

I have never seen the show, I have no idea if it's actually good -- yes I know it won a Tony but I'm not precisely the biggest online purveyor of awards-related enthusiasm in case ya didn't notice -- but I could probably recite the name of every actor that's taken a shower on that stage dammit. Anyway 2020 is bringing the latest version and it stars Jesse Williams and I will finally be finding a way to go this time due to that fact. Obviously. Here's the trailer:

The show, which is at Second Stage, begins previews 
on April 2nd, and tickets are on sale right now.


par3182 said...

i saw it on broadway in [checks notes - jeezus] 2003. it made me a huge fan of dennis o'hare but that's all i remember

oh, and daniel sunjata naked - obviously...

Carl said...

I've never seen it performed, but it's a great play even on the page.