Thursday, January 16, 2020

Matthias Close is Coming

Well here's a happy surprise to add some sunshine onto these January doldrums -- a new Matthias Schoenaerts movie is hitting Netflix on the 29th! Well it's not new new it's a 2018 movie, but if I'm not mistaken -- and I am rarely mistaken when it comes to Things Matthias -- the movie never actually got released here in the US so it's new to us. Anyway the film is a French one called Close Enemies (aka Frères ennemis) by director David Oelhoffen, and I posted its trailer back in September of 2018 when the film played Venice and then it promptly entirely fell off my radar. Perhaps not a great sign? 

Who cares, it's Matthias, and Matthias is always watchable. Even in that movie where he had frizzy hair and made a garden with Kate Winslet, for god's sake. Close Enemies has Matthias playing a drug dealer who teams up with an old friend (played by Reda Kateb from A Prophet, seen above with Matty) who's now a cop when one of their mutual friends gets murdered. Sounds like fairly standard fare and I can already picture Matthias' tough guy act... and that's why I am interested, wink wink. Swoon I love Matthias' tough guy act!

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It got pretty decent reviews out of Venice: