Friday, January 17, 2020

Everything You Ever Need To Know About Life...

... you can learn from:

Jung Chae-San: The early bird catches the worm.
Lee Jung-Chool: The early bird gets caught.

I was going to wish the actor slash living legend Song Kang-ho a happy 53rd birthday today by posting a quote from my favorite performance of his, which is as the priest in Park Chan-wook's 2009 vampire-flick Thirst, but then I did a search and realized I'd posted the same speech from Thirst twice before! Funny enough when I did this exact thing in January of 2018 I mentioned a little something you have maybe heard of lately called Parasite...

"This year is supposed to bring another reunion with his other (aka not Park Chan-wook) great collaborator Snowpiercer and The Host and Memories of Murder director Bong Joon-ho - they're supposedly making another horror movie called Parasite, which IMDb says is about "A man [who] gets infected with a parasite that changes his paradigm in unforeseen ways." IndieWire says the movie is about "a family going though a disturbance." Okay. Well I think these two could sure make something out of those ideas."

I don't know if this is an especially good moment to mention this, or if there is ever a good moment to mention this -- yes I am aware there is room in the world for two South Korean directors! -- but here goes: in the pantheon of current South Korean Gods, even with Parasite in all kinds of Oscar contention right now, I remain Team Park Chan-wook over Team Bong Joon-ho. 

Fairly certain I'm in the minority with this opinion but as much as I like Bong's movies they almost always get somewhat over-rated to me, while Park's get continually under-appreciated. If forced at gunpoint to choose I'd take Stoker and The Handmaiden and Park's Little Drummer Girl series over Snowpiercer and Okja and yes even Parasite any day. So now I ask...

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