Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Everything You Ever Need To Know About Life...

... you can learn from:

Thirst (2009)

Priest Sang-hyeon: Grant me the following in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Like a leper rotting in flesh, let all avoid me. Like a cripple without limbs, let me not move freely. Remove my cheeks, that tears may not roll down them. Crush my lips and tongue, that I may not sin with them. Pull out my nails, that I may not grasp nothing. Let my shoulders and back be bent, that I may carry nothing. Like a man with tumor in the head let me lack judgment. Ravage my body sworn to chastity leave me with no pride, and have me live in shame. Let no one pray for me. But only the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on me.

A most happy 51st birthday to South Korean superstar Kang-ho Song today! This year is supposed to bring another reunion with his other (aka not Park Chan-wook) great collaborator Snowpiercer and The Host and Memories of Murder director Bong Joon-ho - they're supposedly making another horror movie called Parasite, which IMDb says is about "A man [who] gets infected with a parasite that changes his paradigm in unforeseen ways." IndieWire says the movie is about "a family going though a disturbance." Okay. Well I think these two could sure make something out of those ideas.

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