Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Who Wore It Best?

Did you see our big "James Wolk in Watchmen" post yesterday? You need to see that. Especially since this post now won't make sense without it. Anyway a couple of you made the excellent point that the "stupid panties" (as Laurie so eloquently put it) that Wolk's character rocked -- and yes comic book fanboys I know they were a nod to the ones seen in the Alan Moore's original Watchmen book...

... I am a nerd too thank you very much -- looked an awful lot similar to the metallic high-risers that Sting sauntered about in in David Lynch's Dune. Which hey yes they do! Which is something I weirdly never noticed before -- I mean, Lynch's film came out in 1984, before Moore's comic did two years later... do we think it's possible it was a reference? I just always thought of the Doctor's choice in vertiginous briefs as a Charlie Brown squiggle myself. 

Anyway now that I have given you
 so very much to mull over, our poll:

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Anonymous said...

Wolk is cuter, but Sting has the rock-star sneer- and the confidence to pull it off.