Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Banging Back Through History

I have made an UNPRECEDENTED decision to post the above magazine cover with all that aggressively distracting type splashed across Claes Bang's bared torso because that photo's too good to not share and also too good to edit down or photo-shop around the type. The type drives me nuts, but I will allow it this one time. For you! You can thank me for my sacrifice by finding me a physical copy of that 2010 magazine and mailing it to me. 

Anyway we've got news big and good enough here to distract my spazz eyes from their spazzing -- Claes, who's on the verge of being our new favorite bisexual bloodsucker, has next joined the cast of Robert Eggers next film! The Viking one! With Alexander Skarsgard! And Nicole Kidman! I told you about it here! (thx Mac) Even better Deadline accompanies that news with a picture of Claes recently seen rocking a great big beard, no doubt a preview of all the Viking Sexiness to come:

It would behoove me to add here that this means that my boy Robert Eggers -- whose last film starred no less than the Twinkle Pony Edward Cullen himself! -- will next make a movie will feature two, two wah ah ah, bisexual vampires on screen...


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