Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Single At 10

It's not just the 10th anniversary of Werner Herzog's movie about a man who murdered his mother with a samurai sword starring Michael Shannon -- no as that kiss gif above says better than any words I could muster it's also the 10th anniversary of Tom Ford's swooningly stylish and somber A Single Man. I'm actually a little surprised to see that this movie didn't crack my Top 20 of 2009, as I liked it at the time and have grown to like it even more over the past decade... 2009 was an extremely good year at the movies though, so I guess that's my excuse. It was probably right outside the list. Anyway I celebrated this anniversary with a thread of photos and gifs on Twitter a bit ago, if you'd like to check that out. How do you guys feel about this movie? Empty style or stylish substance?

1 comment:

DCameron said...

Definitely "stylish substance". Such wonderful performances.