Friday, November 13, 2009

A Single Man in 150 Words or Less


There are first-time director flourishes that don't totally work or get distracting (the weird pulsating warmth) - a lot of people will probably argue that it's all style (but oh what style!) over substance here, but I think that's combated pretty effectively by the caliber of Colin Firth's performance which I loved. I literally finished Isherwood's book two days ago so it was fresh in my mind and much was changed but I think it suits the switch of mediums - that is, they took George's inner thoughts (which encompass the majority of the book's action) and found a way to dramatize them into actual filmable actions. Moore and Goode give great support but it's Firth's show and I've never found him more compelling. Indeed I've never found him compelling at all and he wowed me here. The phone scene alone. Wow. He's got a new fan.

(Bonus: I tweeted some on it last night.
I'll have more to say when its release is closer too.)


Anonymous said...

If you haven't seen Firth in Pride and Prejudice, you have to rush out and get a copy. His transformation from uptight asshole to romantic hunk is amazing.

Michael Seth said...

okay. i'm jealous. how did you see this? why was i not informed? i'm going to go home and bite my pillow.

JA said...

Bite it, Michael! Bite it. ;-)

Although if the reactions from two of my gay blogger peers that I respect a lot and who've also seen the film are to be believed - that being Nathaniel at Film Experience (who hasn't reviewed it yet but has posted a "C" grade for it) and Nick Davis at his site who ripped the movie to shreds in his brief review - then perhaps you aren't missing much. I mean, I liked the film a lot obviously, but I'm wondering now if I might end up being in the minority here. Hrm. I guess we'll see, we've still got a bit before it's released.

Julia said...

I second the Pride and Prejudice suggestion, it's the definitive version of one of my favorite books of all time!

I'm thrilled to hear you enjoyed A Single Man, it's in my Top 5 of most anticipated movies of this year. Speaking of Matthew Goode, have you seen the trailer for Leap Year with him and Amy Adams? It looks ludicrously predictable, but they are two of my favorite actors and he was looking (and sounding, that accent!!) SMOKING hot.