Friday, December 06, 2019

Joker in 200 Words or Less

Clowns are responsible for the world's most tragic magic tricks, like making doves pop out of their underpants and squirting unsuspecting folks looking for a nice sniff with sudden sprays of lord knows what -- they make too much of something out of a lot of nothing. Oversized eyebrows and puffed-up lips, alcoholic noses floating over two floppy shoes signifying nothing. Joker's like that -- a sleeve of rainbow handkerchiefs spilling on the floor into a sad little pile that somebody's got to clean up. 

I mean who cleans up the handkerchiefs? Who mops up those custard pie apocalypses? Nobody spares a thought for those hidden doves, tucked into terrible places -- I felt their warm paranoia and their frantic need to burst free watching this movie, jostled up beside a bunch of junk I had no use for. A flaccid juggalo in search of some stiff purpose, Todd Phillips' film weaves and wobbles and flails about, empty as a rabbit-less hat, coarse as a fart gag in an enclosed space. It marinates in flatulent claustrophobia, leaving an unaccounted for stink hanging on us all as we shuffle out mindless, in need of a drink, a moist towelette, a good goddamned book.


Anonymous said...

I thought it was fantastic.

Jason Adams said...

Lots of people do, Anon! It made a billion dollars.

AxFromMN said...

I think it had a lot to say about systems not adequately supporting people with mental health issues and class, but then threw it all away.

Dave R said...

I thought this movie was nothing more than a retched pile of puke, except for the scene where he dances down the stairs.

Anonymous said...

Todd Phillips clearly watched Taxi Driver and King of Comedy many times. I hope that the people who thought this was a great movie also check out those films. And that they realize what a hollow film The Joker is when compared to them.