Wednesday, December 04, 2019

Good Morning, World

Did any of you watch the Hanna series that aired on Amazon with Joel Kinnaman filling Eric Bana's daddy long-johns as the lead character's father, and if you did -- did it end properly, wrapped up in one season, or did it end as if there might be more? Because it already feels like Joel's done seven more TV shows since then (fact check: he's only done one) and I don't want to invest in watching a TV series that doesn't have a proper ending and might never, but also I have now seen this scene of Joel Kinnaman lathering his exposed torso in goose fat -- no I do not know the context, nor does it matter -- and I'm curious about watching the show now. As any person would natrually be. Hit the jump for a few more gifs to goose (fat) you unto the good morning...


FieldMedic said...

It puts the lotion on its' skin or else it gets the hose again.

Anonymous said...

I'll give Hanna the TV show it's due, it does have an ending which allows for a season 2 without it being an absolute requirement. I really loved the film (although the directors commentary took a lot of the shine off) so I was a bit dubious when I heard they were doing "a more grounded and realistic" version of the story.

That could have been great if they'd committed, John le Carré with teen supersoldiers, but instead we get another of those shows were CIA operatives run through European city centres firing machine guns. Without the fairy tale elements it's relentlessly generic spinning from an OK-ish spy drama to a not-great Skins knock-off before ending up as a humorlessly self-important reboot of Dark Angel (god I feel old).

It's unfair to draw direct comparisons between the performances in the film and the TV show so let's do that. They're all kind of one note, the note being "look tense". Esme Creed-Miles initially has an interesting young werewolf vibe instead of Saoirse Ronan's ragged elf-maiden but it goes nowhere and gets boring by episode 3. Mireille Enos has the biggest arc, the best fight scene and is intentionally distant from Cate Blanchett's wicked stepmother but isn't compelling enough to make up for how much less fun she is. If the film made me want to live in a log cabin with Eric Bana and raise genetically engineered assassins together, this show did not give me any such feelings towards Joel Kinnaman who's mostly just grey, gaunt and grim. He does get naked for his torture sequences so do with that what you will.

Also, while I loathe the authenticity police approach to fiction I have to admit that the show screamed "An upper class, middle aged, straight white cis English man wrote this" at just the worst times. I'm sounding a lot more condemnatory than I felt watching it but it demands your attention and gives you acceptable back. No jokes, no memorable performances, no really great action scenes, just acceptable.