Sunday, June 05, 2011

Eric Bana's Wet Longjohns: Better Quality Edition


Hey remember how on a Saturday just four weeks ago I posted some really shitty quality caps of Eric Bana's scene in Hanna where he strips down to his white longjohns, goes for a swim, and then erupts from the sea sopping wet like a cotton-skinned Adonis? Well the gods be good because it didn't take us too long to get some much better caps. I dunno, do you think this scene might factor into our Gratuities at the end of the year? I never want to bet against there being a lot of gratuity to come, but I'd say this scene's a pretty safe bet at this point. Anyway, you're so not paying attention to my words right now. I could say anything here - I declare war on Argentina! I have thirteen and a half testicles! - and you'd take no notice. So let's just do our gawking. Gawk.

See a bunch more, including that already for-the-ages
step outta the surf, after the break!


Ms Scrappy said...

What?!No comments? This is the best thing I've seen all year and probably the best thing I'm going to see for the rest of the year! Seriously he's so hot it seriously makes me want to cry!

Anonymous said...

Do you remember that scene in A Single Man where Colin Firth has a picture of Matthew Goode naked? How come no one has captured that still for the internet?!

Anonymous said...

Yep, JA, you lost me at "Remember..." because I saw the HD pics below whatever you said, go for it! And THANK you for posting these!!!!

Anonymous said...

Also, what Ms Scrappy said

richardwatts said...

Oh. Oh my. *fans self*