Monday, November 11, 2019

Let's Look at Matthias Schoenaerts' Peter

I wonder 1) how long Terrence Malick is going to be shooting his Jesus Movie called The Last Planet for, and 2) how long he expects Matthias Schoenaerts and co-star Numan Acar to grow these scraggly ass old-timey disciple-people beards? Matty is playing Peter the eventual Saint -- IMDb doesn't say who Numan is playing. I would also ask if this movie might finally be the one that makes a point of how super duper homosexual the whole "Jesus and his disciples" thing was, but Malick's shown very little interest in anything gay in his entire career so I won't bother. Can anybody think of anything gay in Malick's filmography? I'm drawing a blank. The way he filmed Richard Gere in Days of Heaven doesn't count, not really.

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