Wednesday, November 06, 2019

Good Morning, World

How crazy is it to think that Brad Davis would be turning 70 today if he hadn't died of AIDS way back in 1991? I don't know what sort of career he would've had if he'd survived because the "what if"'s start telescoping outwards -- if he hadn't gotten AIDS would he have gotten better work through the 1980s when he was still working? But would he have done the roles that we remember him -- Alan Parker's Midnight Express seen here and Querelle with Fassbinder, obviously -- if his career and interests had been less risky from the start? He made a lot of garbage, a lot of garbage that I've never seen, but we remember him now for those risks he did make. It all goes hand in hand. Anyway I've obviously given the infamous gay scene in Midnight Express attention before but thanks to technology (science!) I can make better gifs now than ever before so... I did exactly that, hit the jump for them...

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Neferew said...

The book has him acquiescing to his physical a regular habit. Brad was so hot.