Tuesday, November 05, 2019

10 Off My Head: Tilda Is Love

It always seems weird wishing Tilda Swinton a happy birthday -- as if time is a construct that applies to her! -- and yet here from where we humans sit she has been with us for 59 years as of November 5th 2019, and such a moment must be marked. An offering to the outer space deities who've gifted us with a sense of sight that catches her spectrum. I was surprised I'd never done a list of my favorite Tilda performances before but I checked the archives and found no such thing -- then I sort of stopped being surprised when I looked through her IMDb page and realized narrowing it down to the usual five was utterly inconceivable. And so we go with ten... although even these ten end up being more like fifteen given all her shape-shifting inside single films...

My 10 Favorite Tilda Performances

Blanc / Klemperer / Markos, Suspiria
"This isn't vanity! This isn't art!"

"So the daddy bear plants his seed 
in the mommy bear 
and it grows into an egg."

Marianne, A Bigger Splash

Julia, Julia
"Well I'm not really down 
with the good neighbor shit."

Margaret, The Deep End
"Try harder?"

Isabella, Edward II
"He confesseth that he loves me not."

Mason, Snowpiercer
"My friend, you suffer from 
the misplaced optimism of the doomed."

Rosetta / Ruby / Marinne / Olive, Teknolust
"We crave... physical contact."

Orlando, Orlando
"I can find only three words 
to describe the female sex. 
None of which are worth expressing."

Emma, I Am Love
"Ahh right it's Thursday...
the countryside... the vegetables..."


Runners-up: Michael Clayton, Trainwreck, Doctor Strange, 
The Chronicles of Narnia, Constantine, Broken Flowers, 
The Dead Don't Die, Burn After Reading, Only Lovers Left Alive,
Caravaggio, Love is the Devil... and on and on and on...

What are your favorite Tildas?
Let us know in the comments...


Scott said...

Pretty much all the Tildas. But if we're to keep it to a top 10, okay.

Edward II, Julia, We Need to Talk About Kevin, The Deep End, Michael Clayton, Snowpiercer, Only Lovers Left Alive, Constantine, I Am Love, and Trainwreck.

Pierce said...

Only Lovers Left Alive is my favorite of all her movies, followed by TheDead Don't Die and Snowpiercer.

Remy said...

Michael Clayton
The Deep End
I Am Love
We Need to Talk About Kevin
Only Lovers Left Alive
Edward II
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Anonymous said...

as her vampire self in what we do in the shadows