Thursday, October 17, 2019

The One Where Adam Driver Wins An Oscar

I didn't get the chance to write up Noah Baumbach's Marriage Story when I saw it at NYFF a couple of weeks back since our pal Murtada was assigned that review -- read his thoughts here -- and I had my own duties to plow through, but I'm hoping to write one in November in between when it hits some theaters on the 6th and it drops onto Netflix exactly one month after. So stay tuned. If you follow me on Twitter you did get an inkling of my (unpopular) opinion already though...
Anyway the latest poster (seen above) and trailer (seen below) have gotten dropped on our goofy faces this here very day, and that's what we're really here about. Watch, luxuriate, appreciate and enjoy, before Adam Driver wins his Oscar:



Aquinas1220 said...

not sure why that's an unpopular opinion; all of Newman's work sounds alike. He wrote one piece of music and just keeps recycling it for every score he is hired to do

Frank said...

At one time I really like Scarlet Johansson but after playing a Japanese character in “Ghost in the Machine” then denying it. Then be quoted as saying as an actor she should be allowed to play any role - she is so clueless. A case of white privledge as a white actor used to be able to play any character. Should an ethnic actor be able to play a role of his culture?!? She needs to get a clue.

My opinion about Adam Driver is more petty. I think he is so unattractive that I find it difficult to even look at him. Paul Giamatti is another actor whose movies I avoid for the same reason.

ferretrick said...

Thank God someone said it. Randy Newman is the one bad thing in the Toy Story movies.