Thursday, October 17, 2019

Some Heroes Never Die!

If you're already in New York City like me -- I feel you inside me, New York! -- or if you're planning on being here any time between today and January 5th, then I think I've got something y'all nerds will like. Poster House is a brand new museum here (it just opened in June) dedicated to the craft of that's right you guessed it poster-making, and opening today is an exhibition called "Baptized By Beefcake: The Golden Age of Hand-Painted Movie Posters from Ghana" and it looks nuts in the absolute best of ways. 

They've got a few examples of what to expect on their website, including that outrageous one for 1986's King Kong Lives up top, and they're all putting the "ridiculous" into "ridiculously cool" and I cannot wait to hit the show up this weekend myself. I've already made it to Poster House once since it opened for a show I wasn't initially interested in (see below) but their curation made me interested -- anyway I'm real happy we've now got this museum y'all, so let's make it a hit! I need a Polish Movie Poster exhibition.

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