Wednesday, October 02, 2019

The Good, the Bad, and the Bacurau

Another NYFF review's up now -- click on over to The Film Experience to read my thoughts on the Brazilian flick Bacurau, which stars Sonia Braga and yes indeed one Mr. Udo Kier seen above, and which was co-directed by the dudes behind Aquarius, Braga's 2016 masterclass in awesomeness. I almost shared the film's trailer with you but honestly I saw down for this movie knowing absolutely nothing about it except for all the words I have just shared here -- that it was from the Aquarius film-makers and it starred those people -- and that approach worked really well for me, so fuck the trailer. Don't even read my review, even! Just see the movie, then we'll talk.

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Johnnie said...

I adore Kier - he is such an interesting person - working with Argento, Warhol, Madonna and he really is the quintessential B actor.