Wednesday, October 02, 2019

My Kind of Gentlemen

Well this isn't fair, Guy Ritchie! Not fair at all! The trailer for his next flick The Gentlemen, which promises a return to his old comedic thug stomping grounds just with a sprawling all-star cast, has just arrived and look at Charlie Hunnam. Look at him!

For some reason I've just never been able to bring myself around to Guy Ritchie's movies -- I've never seen Snatch, I've never seen Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, hell I've never seen RockNRolla and that has Tom Hardy playing gay! But the bastard has gone and slapped a beautifully groomed Charlie, with a beautifully groomed beard for a change, in a shawl-collar cardigan and glasses and a tie for god's sake...

... Fine, Guy Ritchie. Fine. You win.
And that's before I even get to...

... Colin Farrell looking wonderfully insane, or...

... Henry Golding looking like Henry Golding. 
Ya done broke me, dude. Here's the trailer:
The Gentlemen is out on January 24th.


par3182 said...

plus hugh grant and lady mary doing accents!

JimmyD said...

Check out ‘The Man from UNCLE.’ Henry Cavill, Armie Hammer... Gorgeous. Stylish. Incredible soundtrack.