Wednesday, October 02, 2019

Taika Waititi Two Times


Yesterday as a lark and a distraction I tweeted out asking everyone to send me photographs of attractive movie directors, and by far the most common reply was with a photo of Thor director Taika Waititi (for the record second place was Cary Fukunaga), which brought some real joy into my day, lemme tell ya what. I should tweet out more questions of that sort, fill my days with such replies -- it's much more fun than the "you suck" ones! Anyway if any of you want to reply to the same question here in the comments or over at Twitter, do feel free...


Brad said...

Barry Jenkins is my ultimate director crush. So charming and adorable and talented.

Anonymous said...

He's not "only" (or best known as) a director, but I was recently reminded that 1980s-'90s era Clive Barker was an absolute dreamboat.