Thursday, October 24, 2019

The Boy King Cometh

I think we've had a couple of trailers for David Michôd's The King starring Timothée Chalamet at this point -- see the one I previously posted here -- but this one is the one that Netflix has put out, now that the film's minuscule little theatrical release is coming to an end. The movie hits Netflix on November 1st and as I said in my review of the film a few weeks back you should try to watch it on as big a screen as you can manage, sit really close to your TV or something, because it's well acted, sure yes very much, but its primary glory is how gorgeously shot it is -- truly astonishing work from its cinematographer Adam Arkapaw, whose name I have mentioned in relation to this movie now just as often as I have mentioned Timmy, I think.

It's really sort of a crime that most people will see this film too small, but then most people slash any of us wouldn't see this movie at all if Netflix hadn't made it happen, so whatcha gonna do? Watch the trailer and shut yer pie-hole, that's whatcha gonna do:

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Anonymous said...

Even though I live in Chicago, I had to drive 25 miles to a suburb to see The King!
Agree that it is worth seeking out on a big screen if at all possible.