Thursday, October 24, 2019

I Don't Know If You Heard...

... but that happened last night! There's really not much more to the story to tell than that, as I was struck entirely dumb by the experience -- as I told my boyfriend after it happened I think I might have inhaled one of my own teeth I gasped so hard. The entirety of our "interaction" and I hesitate to use that word involved me frozen stiff as a board as my brain computed that yes, that person standing right in front of you is Chris Evans, who is a person, a person who could be standing right next to you. By the time I had worked out all of that, my mouth no doubt slack with dumbness, he'd moved along and I managed to take that picture.

He was there because his brother Scott is the leading man of NewFest's opening night movie Sell By, an NYC-set dramedy involving a group of friends figuring their romantic shit out that was written and directed by the actor Mike Doyle, who you should recognize from things like The Invitation and Law & Order: SVU. (Stay tuned as I just might review the film later.) Chris is such a supportive brother! You can see more pictures of the Evans Boys on the red carpet over at Tom & Lorenzo.

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