Thursday, October 17, 2019

Robert Pattinson's Jerking Off Again, Everybody

I know I keep dangling like a sexy carrot my as-of-yet unpublished review of my already named number one movie of 2019 Robert Eggers' The Lighthouse, and whatever I come up with will never be worth the build-up believe you me. But I've managed to re-order my schedule in order to sneak in a second viewing tonight which will, I think, help me manage my many many many thoughts. I wanna do my love for this movie proper justice. So y'all just go read our pal Kyle's chat with Robert Pattinson in the New York Times today and we'll see if I have transformed into an actual person with actual thoughts tomorrow. (Ha.) Come for the pictures, stay for Rob talking about jerking off in front of his co-workers all over again. Robert Pattinson sure loves jerking off in front of his co-workers. Smash cut to the very long lines for P.A. jobs on all of his movies.

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