Tuesday, October 08, 2019

Riz Ahmed Seven Times

Is there anything as soothing as Riz Ahmed's profile? It just straight up relaxes me. I think Riz has the greatest profile in the movies right now, and so when a new photo-shoot comes out I always check to make sure they shot him in profile and 99.99% of the photographers are smart enough to, and this here new one's no slouch on that count thank goodness.

I wish we'd get a release date for Sound of Metal, the going-deaf shirtless drummer flick with Riz that played Toronto -- I know Amazon bought it there and supposedly they plan to release it in actual theaters but at this point in the year I'm thinking they're saving it for 2020? Things are already so crowded the remainder of this year. Well if I hear anything (heh get it, cuz he's playing deaf) I'll post it but until then it's nuthin but Riz pics after the jump...

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Anonymous said...

Hand to heart, Riz Ahmed is one of the most beautiful men I have ever seen. I'm glad to see someone else appreciating his profile (which deserves all the appreciation), but it's his eyes that I find absolutely hypnotic.