Friday, October 18, 2019

Renaissance Man

Poldark beauty Aidan Turner has just signed on to play probable-homosexual painter and inventor Leonardo Da Vinci in an eight-part miniseries, each part focusing on a different aspect of Da Vinci's genius.  (One of those "aspects of genius" should be "sucking dick" probably.) Running the show will be Frank Spotnitz from The X-Files and more recently Medici; Turner will presumably get around to doing this once he finishes filming his role as the Apostle Andrew in Terrence Malick's Jesus movie. 

Anyway excuse me for my confusion but when I set out to write this post I thought that Aidan Turner had already played Da Vinci on that Da Vinci's Demons show I didn't watch, but I was just confusing his Poldark Abs with Tom Riley's Da Vinci Abs. 

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Ana Maria said...

You made my day with the Taika Waititi and Aidan Turner pictures...and with calling Aidan "beauty", because he is! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Honestly, when Poldark is on, I only pay any attention to those scenes where Aidan Turner has his shirt off!