Friday, October 18, 2019

Hammer Brings the Pain

Heads up -- I said "heads up" but you Armie you can leave your "hands up" just like that, that's fine -- that Wounds, Armie Hammer's horror movie with Dakota Johnson, is on Hulu right this very minute! I can't wait to watch it but I have to wait, I've got tickets to see Jojo Rabbit tonight. Tomorrow it is! 

Regarding the earlier confusion about where the movie was being released -- turns out it's Hulu in the US and it's on Netflix everywhere else. Don't ask me why. Never ask me anything! I'm a moron!


Adam said...

Curious for your thoughts on Jojo. I thought it was embarrassingly unfunny and obnoxiously twee.

Jason Adams said...

I've heard opinions so all over the map for it! A good friend of mine think it's the movie of the year. I could see me going either way, although I have loved Taika's every other film, so we shall see.

Anonymous said...

Wounds isn’t on Netflix Canada, can’t keep up with all this streaming services and international world problems