Wednesday, October 09, 2019

Naoki Naoki, Who's There

On Monday I shared with you some photos of the extremely handsome actor Naoki Kobayashi and told you of Earthquake Bird, his forthcoming Netflix flick with Alicia Vikander and our fave Elvis grand-baby Riley Keough -- I told you therein that the film is released on November 1st ...

... which I don't know if you've checked a calendar but is only three weeks from now! So it makes sense they're giving us a trailer today -- they might have done this sooner? Netflix always only seems to let us know that movies are coming like, immediately -- and now I shall share it with you!

My favorite moment in the trailer is that dance scene...

... it hints at between Naoki and Riley -- is anybody else getting total Tokyo Drifter vibes from all the shots where Naoki's in that big suit? And Tokyo Drifter comparisons are never a bad thing.

Anyway I have a feeling that all of the highlights will be Riley oriented, but that could just be my bias. We'll see. The film was directed by Wash Westmoreland, who went from the gay porn comedy The Fluffer in 2001 to directing Julianne Moore to her Oscar statue with Still Alice in 2014 -- that man's had quite a career, I'd say. But I definitely trust him to shoot Naoki for all the prettiness he can wring from him...

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