Monday, October 07, 2019

Naoki Kobayashi Nine Times

I'm as surprised as anybody that Elvis' grand-baby has become a signifier of film quality here in 2019 but if I see the name Riley Keough in a movie's cast I will now see that movie, no questions asked. No they haven't all been winners -- Hold the Dark with Alexander Skarsgard was a real slog -- but they've all been interesting at least, and when they have been winners they've been American Honey or Logan Lucky or Mad fucking Max. She's got a significant batting average.

Anyway all that's the long way to say that I only looked up the movie Earthquake Bird because I first saw these photos of this here gorgeous fellow Naoki Kobayashi in Esquire (via), which led me to his IMDb, which led me to the film. But as soon as I saw Riley's in it I had two reasons to see the thing, which hits Netflix on November 1st. Hit the jump to see the rest of this shoot, along with a bonus shot off of Naoki's Instagram you shouldn't miss either...

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