Wednesday, October 09, 2019

Pedro Pascal Six Times

For some reason August Man magazine brands this interview and photo-shoot with Pedro Pascal as a "Part One" -- they don't make it clear why but if it means we've got more photos of PP looking damn dashing in snug suits I'm certainly not complaining. I just don't want to get my hopes up.

I keep forgetting he's the star of that Star Wars series The Midichlorian or whatever the fuck it's called, but I actually don't know if I ever knew that he's playing the villain -- or one of the villains at least, considering Kristen Wiig's there as Cheetah -- in the Wonder Woman sequel. (ETA I did know, he's in this photo I posted last year.)

Anyway I didn't think I could anticipate the WW sequel anymore but then that happened. He's playing Maxwell Lord, a rich dude who helps establish the Justice League blah blah nefarious reasons or whatever I don't care. As per every comic book character he eventually has ever motivation known to man slash super-being so we'll have to wait and see what version Pedro's actually playing. One safe bet, I think -- there will be suits! But bad suits, since it's set in 1984. So enjoy Pedro in these suits here while we've got them.

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Anonymous said...

They will undoubtedly be bad suits, but Pedro wearing them will, ever so briefly, make us believe that they are good suits.