Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Good Morning, World

I wasn't in a huge rush to gif these very brief (heh) moments of Alexander Skarsgård in The Kill Team, which hit streaming this week, specifically because of their obscene brevity -- as much as they tried to sell us on Alex as a sexy sweaty shirtless soldier by releasing not just one but then another shot of him as such such scenes are really barely there in the movie itself. 

Which I suppose is fine, since it's a Serious Movie With Serious Ideas and not Actual Gay Porn yadda yadda. Just seems like you can be serious and also let the camera run for a few seconds longer if you've already got him standing in his underwear in front of you. 

The film really should have pushed the sexual tension angle a little more if you ask me... but you didn't since you already knew that was my answer. In all seriousness though that angle was there in the story they were telling -- it's there in the draw of a man like the one Alex is playing, whether the soldiers themselves want to admit it or not -- but the film practically entirely skirts around that fact. The film itself only allows itself the half-leer of a repressed person -- the quick furtive glances of somebody who's afraid they'll be caught looking. In case anybody hasn't cottoned on yet, let it be known -- Alexander Skarsgård likes to be looked at. Let your movie look.

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