Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Today We Are All Alexander Skarsgård's Privates

Okay I saw at Tribeca this past spring the movie The Kill Team, which the above brand new still of a shirtless and mustachioed Alexander Skarsgård purports to be from, and I don't really recall this scene at all. And seeing as how I would recall such a thing -- and then some! -- I have to think they maybe added this scene in since they screened it at Tribeca. I mean I do recall a brief flash of Alexander changing pants in the film, so clearly -- clearly! -- I was on the look out for such moments. As one does when one watches a movie that has Alexander Skarsgård with a mustache wearing (or half not wearing, in the above case) a military uniform. 

Anyway I never got around to reviewing The Kill Team which is a shame because I remember thinking it was pretty decent, but we'll all get the chance to see it and decide for our lonesomes for the first or in my case the second time come October 25th, when A24 is releasing it in theaters and on demand. This will actually make it the second movie this fall starring Nat Wolff trapped in a group of manly macho men -- see also yesterday's trailer for Semper Fi with him and Jai Courtney. In The Kill Team Wolff is a newbie in Afghanistan whose fellow soldiers, led by Skarsgård as their commanding sergeant -- and how commanding he is! -- are spinning dangerously, sweatily, out of control. Here's the trailer: 



Mark said...

It is necessary that you tell me what kind of underwear Skarsgard was wearing in the scene in which he is changing his pants.

Jason Adams said...

Mark -- I think they were black (or maybe white) briefs, as I recall, but the movie never gives us a great look; he keeps his shirt on over them. There's just enough of a glimpse to let us know he's taken his pants off, quick like