Saturday, October 19, 2019

13 Cakes of Halloween #1


I'll take any excuse to talk about Ruth Gordon eating cake in Rosemary's Baby, and this time I've built an entire (ridiculous) series around it! In past years for Halloween I've devoted lists to Telephones and to Snakes, to Virgins and to Whores. So why not Cake? Let them eat it, you know. 

This (ridiculous) series' inspiration was actually another movie which we'll get to later on, but I had to start here with the single greatest eating performance ever given. Nobody but nobody can chew, cake and or scenery, quite like Ruth Gordon. I talked a little bit about how important on-screen eating can be in my tribute to Mia Goth at The Film Experience the other day -- Ruth here flouts the rules I set and goes way over the top, masticating like a maniac, but how would any other choice make sense for the woman we know love and fear called Minnie Castavet? It wouldn't, she knew it, and she chewed her way straight into my heart.

Keep your sweet teeth tuned for more Horror Cakes 
every single day between now and Halloween!

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we said...

It's funny how each of us can view a film and have be struck by a scene in a certain way. I've watched Rosemary's Baby I don't know how many times and have repeatedly glossed over that particular moment, yet the Mia Goth/Tilda Swinton as Klemperer dessert scene gets my rapt attention every time I watch ±Suspiria, Not only for the cake, which I covet; it's just a great all-around bit of acting and writing.