Friday, October 30, 2015

Great Moments In Movie Shelves #31

You should definitely click to embiggen that picture of Roman Castavet standing at the bar of his and Minnie's apartment in Rosemary's Baby and take in all the old-world details of their gorgeous apartment -- the dark woods and all those bloodthirsty red book-spines! It's swoonworthy, the lot of it.

I wonder what Rosemary would've found if she'd bothered to look through any of those books on the shelves? (ALL OF THEM WITCHES, perhaps?) Roman and Minnie took down their creepy paintings but I doubt they bothered editing their entire book collection.

And I'm so happy this series has allowed me to bring together my love of bookshelves with my love of watching Minnie eat cake. These two things forever! And speaking of, today is the 119th anniversary of Ruth Gordon's birth. To the Year 119!

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Mark Alexander said...

IMHO, still one of the best horror films ever made.