Tuesday, September 03, 2019

Tom Holland Twelve Times

Last week twas pulling teeth to find new photo-shoots of our favorite actors to share -- what a difference a turn of month makes, as all the new fashion magazines are hitting and now I've already got more than I can handle. Patience might be a virtue but it ain't my friend, and so right on top of those Robert Pattinson pictures and those Orlando Bloom pictures I must jump the gun and immediately share these Tom Holland photos, these via the latest issue of GQ Style. There's also video at the link! He dances!

Since it's just about Fall now -- huzzah! -- Tom's modeling lots of coats and tweeds to make your already watering mouth water some more -- it's not seen here in this post but check out this tweet I tweeted salivating over his cover image coat, which is worth all the drool and then some. I guess there's also an interview attached to these but I haven't read it -- y'all will tell me if he comes out or something, I assume. Hit the jump for the rest...

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Anonymous said...

OMG those 1940s inspired wide leg pants! GIVE ME! Those are flattering on literally EVERYONE.