Tuesday, September 17, 2019

The Other Timmy

Wasn't it nice seeing Timothy Olyphant in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood for a minute? Want to feel that nice feeling again? Without having to resort to watching that terrible cannibal show he does on Netflix, I mean? Well ye be in luck -- he's just signed on to the already ridiculously stacked cast of the fourth season of Fargo! (thx Mac) Funny enough doesn't it feel like Timothy Olyphant would've already been on Fargo? He just feels right, like he fits in, but then Noah Hawley has a way with casting those sorts of folks. I mean, recall how he cast Ben Whishaw for the show back in July. Don't get more right than Ben Whishaw in any context.


Anonymous said...

Terrible cannibal Netflix show???? Are u feeling alright?????!!!

That show was terrific.

Jason Adams said...

No, I could not watch it