Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Quote of the Day

Oh joy, Interview Magazine got a whole slew of Amy Sedaris' famous nut-bag friends to ask her a question or two for their upcoming issue, and there are a couple of choice moments therein that almost made me cause a scene here in my office just now reading them and exploding into violent laughter. (The exchange between her and her brother David, oh my god.) People featured include John Waters, Juliette Lewis, Maya Rudolph, Cole Escola... really, just all the people that matter. All of 'em! I especially loved the exchange between her and her BFF Justin Theroux though:

JUSTIN: Dear Amy, I’m feeling a little down on myself lately. Can you give me five quick tips that will make me feel more “ladylike” overnight? Signed, Sad Sack.
AMY: 1. Put on a transparent pair of panties.
 2. Apply lipstick to your cheekbones.
 3. Remove the lice from your hair.
 4. Make sausage hair curls using real sausage.
 5. Tuck your penis between your ass cheeks.

Okay okay I mostly just wanted to give a second and a third thought to Justin Theroux tucking his penis between his ass cheeks, it's true. Click on over to read the whole thing, and to delight in the high-larious photos taken by Tina Tyrell too. The third season of her deranged crafting show At Home really can't get here soon enough.

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