Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Good Morning, World

This week I tweeted out a picture of Tom Cullen looking mighty might bearded and fine at an event for his film Pink Wall early last month that's morphed into a short thread of me swooning over Tom Cullen (look out for a lot of flirting between him and Kit Harington!) and that seems like the sort of thing I oughta transfer right here onto the site proper. Especially once I realized I'd never giffed his bathtub scene in Andrew Haigh's 2011 gay romantic masterpiece Weekend. The shock, the awe. Do any of you watch Tom's Netflix show Knightfall? I posted about it one time when the first trailer arrived and promptly forgot to ever watch it -- this week its second season dropped and I'm curious if I should give it a go. I mean I have to finish GLOW still, and then Mindhunter hits on Friday, so it's not like I've got all this spare time laying around, but that's just the story of our lives now right? Right. Sigh. Tom Cullen take me away...

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