Thursday, August 08, 2019

Pic of the Day

Every year I say I'm not going to cover TIFF too much because I don't go to TIFF and why would I want to talk about TIFF if I'm not going and seriously screw you Toronto with all your cool movies, and every year I end up covering lots of TIFF stuff because they really do seem to screen absolutely everything. Screw you, Toronto! Anyway that there is our first look at my boys Barry Keoghan and Lady Macbeth actor Cosmo "Not Florence Pugh" Jarvis -- see a big post we did on Cosmo right here -- in the film Calm With Horses, which we've talked about previously. It is indeed premiering in Toronto.


Simon said...

As a Torontonian who enjoys film and TIFF I can tell you, you must come here. The crowds are filled with true movie lovers, and excluding last years win for Green Book, the audience award proves our love for great films.

Jason Adams said...

I mean to every single year, and every single year the press application deadline scoots by me absent-mindedly forgotten. I really meant to this year but messed it up AGAIN. One of these years, I swear it!