Thursday, April 26, 2018

Cosmo Killing Keoghan

We've been hearing lots (and rightfully so) about Lady Macbeth's leading lady Florence Pugh lining up films after the success of that picture - most enticingly is Park Chan-wook's Little Drummer Girl miniseries with Alexander Skarsgard - but until today we hadn't heard much about her leading man Cosmo Jarvis, who we sure took a shine to. (See this gratuitous post for all the shine you can handle.) Today though, good news! Cosmo has signed on to co-star opposite one of my favorite up-n-comers, the boy who gave the second best film performance last year, The Killing of a Sacred Deer's Barry Keoghan, in a film called Calm With Horses. It's about an ex-boxer who's being recruited into violent shenanigans while trying to take care of his autistic son. Not sure who's playing who, but Cosom sure looks like an ex-boxer. (Then again, look at this picture of Barry.) Oh and the whole thing is being produced by Michael Fassbender? Okay!

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