Thursday, August 15, 2019

Juan Barberini One Time

Although you've kind of had to do some digging for them this year there have already been by my count -- remind me if I'm forgetting any! -- three great romances about gay men that I've seen. There's Christophe Honoré's Sorry Angel coming out of France, reviewed here, which is now out on streaming. Second there is Hari Sama's This is Not Berlin out of Mexico, reviewed here, which just opened in a few theaters last weekend. Click here to see its trailer.

And now there is End of the Century, coming at us from Spain and starring that very handsome fellow Juan Barberini you see there up top -- there's a sneak preview of End of the Century at the IFC Center tonight with director Lucio Castro being interviewed by Alan Cumming, before it opens there proper-like tomorrow. I reviewed this film back in April and think it's a really very beautiful thing, so if you get the chance to see it, see it. See its release schedule at this link, and here's the trailer:

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tony libido said...

great film, familiar yet new.
amazing it's a first feature