Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Fire Walk To This

It turns out the owls are exactly what they seem, at least if what they seemed to be to you was a massive boxed set of twenty-one Twin Peaks blu-rays coming at us this Christmas season -- called Twin Peaks: Z to A the set will include all episodes of the show and the movie Fire Walk With Me, it will include all the bonus footage that's been out there plus reams of new featurettes and interviews, it will include the complete performances of every song we saw at the roadhouse in The Return, it will include a 4K disc specifically for that insane atom-bomb of an eighth episode... it will basically include everything up to and maybe including a portal to the Red Room itself, who knows. The best description of all the extras I've seen are here at this link. Most sites I've checked that're sharing this news are saying it's not priced yet but it seems to be on Amazon already for $139.99 says my detective work, Diane -- they say they're only making 25,000 copies of this, so buy it now! 

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Dishy said...

ORDERED!! Thank you, Jason!!!!