Monday, August 19, 2019

Aaron Taylor-Johnson Four Times


I haven't read the interview with Aaron and his director-wife Sam in this past weekend's Telegraph because it's behind a pay-wall, but I did get to stare at these photos from its photo-shoot since Aaron was kind enough to Instagram 'em and for that, eternally grateful et cetera et cetera. That bottom shot's a real reminder somebody oughta throw a musical at him, he's a wonderful dancer.


schmiedepaul said...

Damn. Had this article in my hands in UK, hard copy. Would've photographed it for you.

schmiedepaul said...

I might still be able to locate it if you're interested.

Jason Adams said...

I mean if it's easy, like it's right there, that'd be super cool of you, but don't stress about it or anything ... well unless they say something terribly fascinating in it, I guess. If Aaron's like, I NEED A MAN, then yes, definitely do that. ;)

Anonymous said...

Terrible hair, terrible beard, and yet he can still get it. And the fact that he can move like that? He can DEFINITELY get it.

schmiedepaul said...

I'll see what I can do. In the meantime: