Monday, July 15, 2019

I See (Through) You, Oliver

Although you'd think he was a massive movie star if you went by how much we talk about him here on MNPP, The Haunting of Hill House and Man in an Orange Shirt actor Oliver Jackson-Cohen hasn't really had that big role that's broken him out yet. He first caught our eye in 2011 when he was up for the lead role of Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter (and don't tell me you can't see him in that role) and then next a couple years later when he got cast on NBC's Dracula series with Thomas Kretschmann. A near decade of smaller roles here and there followed that we always took note of, all leading to this weekend's announcement at last of a big leading man part -- he's nabbed the lead in the upcoming Invisible Man movie opposite Elisabeth Moss for Saw screenwriter and Upgrade director Leigh Whannell. 

Universal's been on shaky footing with their reboot of their Universal Monsters movie universe -- that photo of Tom Cruise and Javier Bardem and Johnny Depp and Russell Crowe has become a joke at this point -- so they're pointedly going back to basics with this flick; they've teamed up with Jason Blum, king of the low-budget horror success story, to make a standalone series of films for not tons of cash. Anyway Whannell's Upgrade is so frakking good -- here's my review; I named it my 17th favorite movie of last year -- that we all should be excited about this. As if we weren't already with Elisabeth Moss attached...

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